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Financial Planning

Our Financial Planning Process

Positive Outlook Accounting sister company Positive Outlook Financial Planning Pty Ltd can guide you through all steps of the financial planning process.

Positive Outlook Financial Planning is an authorised representative of CPA Australia Advice which allows us to provide financial advice services from the 1st July 2016. Being an authorised representative of CPA Australia Advice enables us to provide Independent Advice to ensure best outcomes that meet your investment, superannuation and retirement needs.

Please refer to this website for updates from CPA Australia Advice – www.cpaaustraliaadvice.com.au

Creating Personal Wealth Through Practical Financial Planning

Our integrated approach of lending accounting, taxation and the financial planning process takes into consideration the unique aspects of your personal financial circumstances.

We listen to your financial goals, develop a personalised financial plan and track your progress into the future.

By partnering with Positive Outlook Accounting and Positive Outlook Financial Planning you enjoy the cost savings provided by an accounting firm with an in-house financial advisor.

Your comprehensive financial plan will guide you through the financial planning process for:

  • Wealth creation and Savings for retirement
  • Investment Planning and superannuation
  • Wealth protection and insurance
  • Tax planning and investment
  • Self-Managed Superannuation Fund

Wealth Creation

Generating wealth is one of the central aims of the financial planning process. Positive Outlook Accounting provides a full suite of financial planning services to assist you in maximising your future wealth.

Your Positive Outlook Accounting financial plan will outline wealth creation strategies and financial tips that build upon your current resources and recommend additional investment avenues.

These strategies include the use of managed funds, savings plans, investing in shares and gearing options.

Tax Planning

Choosing a financial advisor who understands the legal options for minimising your tax bill could significantly improve the income generated from investments. This aspect of the financial planning process must therefore be undertaken well before tax time to ensure that tax strategies are properly implemented and reviewed.

Our financial planners will develop a tax strategy that takes full advantage of:

  • Maximum SMSF contributions
  • The full legal amount of deductions
  • Tax effective investments
  • Optimum deductible superannuation contributions
  • Income protection premiums
  • Deductible pensions and annuities
  • Interest and fees on investment borrowing

Retirement Planning

Positive Outlook Accounting believes that the cornerstone of good retirement planning lies in tax efficient and effective investments.

By working alongside our clients during the financial planning process it is our aim to create a sustainable income stream in retirement, which may include superannuation, assets and Transition to Retirement Pension (TRIP) benefits.

Additionally, our financial planner together with our accountants can assist with estate planning, tax effective wealth transfer, selecting superannuation funds and maximising your tax benefits via leading financial tips.


Positive Outlook Accounting will review the initial advice contained in your financial plan every six months. This often overlooked stage in the financial planning process is essential given your life circumstances or financial requirements may change.

The review process will take into account whether you are paying unnecessary tax, the rate of investment returns and the adequacy of risk management strategies such as insurance.
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Positive Outlook Accounting sister company Positive Outlook Financial Planning Pty Ltd can guide you through all steps of the financial planning process. Read more.