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Do you have Partners ?

When you think Partners in a generic sense, the answer to that question is clearly NO. If however, you mean professional entities that assist us in the conduct of our business, the answer must therefore be YES as one or two people cannot possibly know all the relevant laws that are no applicable in today's competitive environment. You must note that these partnership arrangements are tightly controlled and monitored very closely to ensure that our clients are protected at each level of the processes.

Our Strategic Partner Network

Many different skills are required when applying a holistic approach to a client's financial well being ranging from compliance accounting, through to establishing current taxation strategies through to retirement and financial planning. We made the decision many years ago to formulate deep strategic relationships with professional whom we consider to be at the top of their game. Given this platform, we needed to source professionals from the following disciplines: 

  • Financial Planning and Retirement Planning
  • Share Trading
  • Legal
  • Human Resources
  • Funding
  • Motor Vehicle Funding
  • Business/ real estate valuations 

We are very pleased and proud to announce the following professionals that have entered into this arrangement. 

Discipline Name Firm Primary Strength
Financial Planning Jo Dawson Executive Wealth Strategies Wealth Creation/ SMSF
Stock Broking Allan Balding Shaw Stockbroking ASX Shares Trading
Legal Rohani Baxter Hill Legal Wills/Estate Planning
Finance/Funding David Fraser Fit Business Services General Financing
Commercial Finance  Various Banks  Various Banks  Commercial & Mortgage Finance 
Equipment Financing Geoff Elwin Southern Cross Motor Vehicle/ Equipment

All of these professionals will have no hesitation to meet with you at Positive Outlook Accounting offices in Mornington. 

Please note that you are absolutely under no obligation to use these professionals. We certainly appreciate and indeed accommodate those professionals with whom you have built up a strong relationship over the years. 

At all times, Positive Outlook Accounting will take your side and analyse what professionals are saying. We shall translate the jargon, should it be required and will provide you with an independent viewpoint upon the directions and strategies that are being proposed. 

At the end of the day, we at Positive outlook Accounting want you to make the correct and timely decisions in order to achieve your financial goals. 

To get you back on track or to gain a deeper understanding of your financial strategies, please contact Positive Outlook Accounting on (03) 5973 5322.

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