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Individual Tax Returns

Dear clients, now that the new financial year is well underway, if you haven't done so already, now is the time to have us complete your 2017 individual Tax Return. To assist with this we have compiled the follow checklist of information required.

The checklist contains all possible income and expense items - as this is a comprehensive list, some of these items will not relate to your personal circumstances. Please review and complete with items applicable to you, and return it to our office with all relevant sourced documents. This can be done by email, mail, uploaded to our secure client portal, or in person. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us on 03 5973 5322
Checklist Individual ITR 2017.pdf
An article by the barefoot investor, again. I know what you're thinking, can't you find material elsewhere for a change? Well I just find his blog so relevant, especially for people around my age (30-something)

Read this short article on financial education, or lack thereof.... https://barefootinvestor.com/young-women-miserable/

Super Reforms

Thanks everyone who attended our free seminar on Superannuation reforms last month! 

In case you missed it, there are several changes about to happen - attached is a link to the ATO website outlining the changes and how they might effect you.


If you would like to attend an information seminar in the future please send through an online enquiry http://www.outlookaccounting.com.au/contact-positive-outlook or phone us during business hours on 03 5973 5322


Interesting article on cyber attacks

I had a friend whose business data was attacked and held at a ransom for $5000 using bitcoin. As so many do, they relied heavily on their online systems, customer details etc.

Federal Police could not do anything do they ended up having to pay, which seems relatively low cost but the overall effect cost them much, much more due to a week of ceased trading......

How would your business fare in these circumstances?


please, PLEASE don't fall for a scam

Too many times I have heard about people spending thousands on property investment seminars only to be sold dodgy developments. If they have a mortgage broker and conveyancer already lined up or if they tell you to open several credit card accounts – run! 

Talk to Leanne about your options and investment strategies before you commit. Be sure to ask lots of questions so you are sure you understand everything before you decide what is best suited to you. 

More information can be found on this government website: www.moneysmart.gov.au/scams/investment-scams 

See below for a couple of good reads!   

How to burn through a lot of dough

I came across a blog post this morning about celebrities who burn through A LOT of coin - spending $3 million blasting Hunter S Thompson's ashes out of a cannon just one of the ways, just ask Johnny Depp.

Click the link for a good read and some valuable lessons, including why you should never hand over control of your finances  https://barefootinvestor.com/johnny-depp-did-a-bad-bad-thing/

What's New?

Read all about the new government initiative to simplify business reporting obligations:


Single touch Payroll reporting will be available to all employers from 1 July 2017


We have returned from our New Year break and would also like to welcome Rebecca Orchard to our team! Rebecca has many years of experience as a senior CPA accountant and brings a wealth of knowledge to our practice.

Wishing all of our wonderful clients a happy and safe new year!

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To Do or Not To Do

With regard to your corporate Blog, there are two primary options that you must consider being  Read more…

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